About Our Students

Char came to our school with absolutely no knowledge of tattooing and had never even touched nor seen a tattoo gun up close. All she came with was her passion and deep interest for the art. Due to her full-time job, she couldn't follow the regular curriculum so, we created a special curriculum for her based entirely on her availability and her attendance was extremely staggered due to shift work but we managed to go around it and she got through the course with the same number of hours and the same amount of instruction as she would have got if she had taken the regular course. Extremely talented and artistically-skilled, we were so impressed with her work that we asked her to come to our shop as an apprentice After a short time, we couldn't help but notice her excellent work and with many clients requesting her, we decided to hire her as a Tattoo Artist and also, as a Piercer, as she had opted to take the BONUS crash course on piercing that is optional when students take the tattoo course.