TATTOO PROGRAM (TPSC-TA2/2020              


More benefits:

Our advice to you is:



It's easy enough to blame the school for botched-up jobs so, our other advice to you is, not to take on bigger jobs until you get to a certain comfort and confidence level. We show you the fundamental basics and grass-roots in tattooing so, please apply this knowledge properly and accordingly.


is the training with COIL GUNS or with

$2,400 CDN + HST (13%)

(includes the PEN tattoo machine starter kit - complete with everything you need for your training).

Everything else will be provided here for you at NO EXTRA or NO HIDDEN COSTS.

For example - gloves, dental bibs, machine covers, paper towels, spray bottles, green soap, cleaning/sanitizing items, etc.

A 6-day course......…......……………..preferably, Tuesday to Sunday of any week, but not limited to these days.  
Let us know when thereabouts you want to take up training and we will accommodate you based on your schedule.
We offer a grass roots tattoo program (Basic Fundamentals):
For beginners and for refreshers.

Why pay separately for a STARTER KIT that has COIL GUNS, that will cost $299 or more, anyway?
We provide you with the best STARTER KIT, that has one (1) PEN TATTOO MACHINE (problematic coil guns are OUT!) COMPLETE with everything you need for your training, a MUST-TOOL for learning how to tattoo
The kit includes - one PEN TATTOO MACHINE, cartridges, power supply, clip cord, ink set, practice skins, gloves, and more.
And everything else is provided here for you, free of charge.  AND THIS STARTER KIT IS YOURS TO KEEP!!!

As mentioned above and we will repeat, everything else is provided here for you, FREE of charge, e.g., spray bottles, more gloves, cleaning material, rubbing alcohol, dental bibs, barrier film, clip cord covers, machine covers, skin tape, stencil paper, stencil goo, etc.

You learn all about Health & Safety (blood pathogens, cross-contamination, etc., which is key, to be how to be Board-of -Health-friendly).

You learn about skin depths and proper needle groups, and different pain zones in your body.

You will learn how to properly line and do colour-fill.

WE PROVIDE YOU WITH THE MODELS to tattoo towards the end of the program. You need not bring your own, however, some students prefer to bring their own models(s), to get tattooed under full guidance and supervision.  
You are welcome to do so.

You get to do an equivalent of 4 tattoos on real-life models, fully-supervised, with your instructor always prepared to offer you constructive advice while you are at work. At the end, you will have been trained thoroughly, that you will be able to do tattoos, properly and safely.

Class is held in a proper Studio setting, so, you get to experience, hands-on, on how to go about the proper set-up and tear-down with experienced artists.

You get to shadow at least ONE tattoo being performed by your instructor on a client, as part of your learning/training process.

You get ONE-ON-ONE intensive training, as we only take 2 students at a time, 4 at the most, and you will be fully-supervised, so you get FULL ATTENTION. You get paired up to do possible work on each other, please see below.
TBD by you, with your instructor, you have a choice of:
1) if applicable, GETTING tattooed by another student, NO CHARGE, OR,
2) tattoo yourself with our materials, NO CHARGE, OR,
3) bring a friend or relative for you to tattoo, NO CHARGE!

Our time is pretty FLEXIBLE, that we can accommodate you based on your schedule/availability. The class is held in our studio, which is in a shopping mall, so, we are open during mall hours, therefore, making us very FLEXIBLE time-wise.
And lots of FREE parking!!!! We stand by our policy of accommodating the student based on his/her availability/schedule, if circumstances allow.